Back Pain & EMS

How to Fight Back Pain with EMS Training

Do you have problems with your back? Pain, which occurs especially when sitting or standing at work or home for a long time? You are not alone! Back pain is the number 1 widespread disease.

The most common cause of sickness leave is back pain. There are many reasons for these illnesses: lack of exercise, sitting for long periods, incorrect posture, overweight, stress or over doing things. Studies show that there is now a solution for back pain: EMS training!

Effectively Build Back Muscles with EMS

In order to compensate for the lack of movement and frequently sedentary activities, it is important today to pay attention to sufficient physical activity. EMS training offers the optimal solution for everyone who has little time and wants to work out efficiently: exercising with electrical muscle stimulation trains the whole body, with certain electrodes during EMS training strengthening the back and the back muscle tissue. Electrodes are attached to the EMS vest both in the upper and lower back area, so that the current is conducted directly into the underlying muscles of the back.

The majority of back pain, especially in the lower back, is due to weak muscles. A targeted and continuous build-up of this deficient musculature can already work miracles. With conventional gym equipment, it is usually only possible to train the large muscle groups. But with EMS training, every muscle ‒ no matter how small ‒ is addressed.

This is why EMS training is a much more effective method of building strong back muscles as well as fighting and preventing back pain. The body and the spine are stabilised, the posture is improved. Muscular imbalances can be compensated.

Studies Show: Less Back Pain through EMS Training

Several studies, including a study by the University of Bayreuth, have also shown that EMS training can fight back pain. More than 80 % of the participants were able to reduce their back pain. 40 % had chronic back pain before the 6-week training period, afterwards it were only 9 % of the participants. The endurance during typical movements that strain the back (lifting heavy loads, running, bending, heavy physical work, housework, long sitting, driving a car) could be improved by up to 30 %.

Nearly 30 % had no pain at all in the lower back after the end of the study. Training with electrical muscle stimulation is therefore a good way to combat and prevent lower back pain.

Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and mass whilst simultaneously reducing body-fat.


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