BE Leaner

“You should definitely try EMS because it’s has made me be leaner.”

People tend to experience a lift-like effect on their body and feel healthier overall.

What does getting Lean mean?

EMS training will help you understand your

body, providing you with a full analysis of your body’s make up at your initial session. Knowing where you hold most Body Fat to hydration levels within your

body. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about being leaner to be healthier.

Leaner = Reducing Body Fat

EMS trainingis a great workout to help you look amazing.

Throughconventional training it takes a lot of time and commitment to get results withregular changes to your workout to gain results. With EMS training it’s only 20minutes with the program being monitored and varied weekly to work with yourown personal goals and body.

EMS training will:

Make basicexercises feel tougher & more intense

Workspecific muscles & ‘Problem Areas’

Trick yourbody to work harder

Make youfeel and more importantly, see a difference after 4 sessions.

Shock yourbody into shape!

Reap the benefits of EMS training, it’s not only used by Sports people, but Models and celebrities too. EMS training fits into their busy schedules, giving them the benefit from the awesome effects of EMS.

EMS training can also:

Reduce Cellulite & Boost Skin Tone

EMS stimulates the muscle tissue deep below the surface, improving blood circulation through the skin and connective tissues. This improvement incirculation helps aid the removal of toxins, making the skin looking clearer and brighter. The face will appear younger and smoother, along with the healthy glow from the EMS workout.

Problem Areas:

EMS provides a concentrated workout, which can the target ‘problem areas’. Everyone has a particular area of the body we are conscious of and would love to improve, whether that’s your bottom, thighs, arms, stomach. EMS can target these areas,

and over workouts you will start to see improvements and change. EMS is therefore a perfect choice for results.

Getting married? Going on holiday? Party or Event to attend? Trousers won’t do up? EMS will help you look and feel your best, in a shorter time period!

If you’re looking to boost your confidence & mood, look younger, brighter and leaner, then book an EMS session today with BeFit BeYou.

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